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Tips and Checklist for A Successful Event


Determine the event date, location and start/ending times.

Make arrangements to reserve ands secure location(s).

If you are hosting an outdoor event, identify and secure an alternate location in the event of inclement weather.

Determine the per guest food budget. Keep in mind that you will also need to pay sales tax and most caterers charge a service charge between 15% to 20%.

Determine if your event will be Formal, Informal, Business Casual, ect.

Establish some ideas as to what kind of service will your event require, ie. Plated service, buffet, china verses disposable wares.

If your event includes alcohol, you may have to get a banquet license from your local liquor store.

Determine who will be responsible for decorations and floral arrangements- pre-and post- event delivery and removal.

Will your event require a “Head Table”? Who will direct guests to the head table?

Identify what special equipment will be required. i.e. extra tables, audio/visual equipment ect.

Do you need additional tables for gifts, awards, and brochures?

Theme events? Coordinate your special requests with your caterer or event planner.

Will you be using Place Cards or reserved seating? Determine who will be responsible for setting the place cards, programs and time.

If you will have entertainment, will they be invited to eat? If so when will they be served? Please remember to take your “selected personnel” meals into consideration when determining headcounts.

Who will be responsible for “Meeting and Greeting” guests upon arrival?

Will you require “Coat Check” service?

Please inform your caterer as to who will be your on –site represenitive and/or alternate in case of emergency.

Who will be responsible for payment of invoice? Have you signed a contract with your caterer and made any required deposits.